The LifeViz® system: its use, performance and operation

The LifeViz® system image centralization allows a very accurate photograph of the face and body. It includes the 3D viewer, a database, a 3D skin analysis and a simulation module. By combining all the pictures taken, the structure of the skin becomes the result of a 3D photograph. This technology was created by Quantificare, the largest international imaging group. It won the trophy for the best aesthetics device in 2015.

An all-in-one system for several specialist categories

Thanks to these tools, the professional practices a simple and meticulous follow-up of the part of the body that his patient would like to treat or modify. Communication between the two protagonists becomes easier. Cameras are coveted by aestheticians, dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons. The LifeViz® system is aimed at imaging performance but above all combines analysis and simulation of the skin. This is why no other system in this field reaches such a high level of technology.

Very fine and precise imaging thanks to dual-beam pointers

The standard 3D system has been enriched with micro technology for ever finer observations of the skin. The cameras benefit from the precision of the images thanks to the convergence of two beams. This technology avoids the need to reposition the images. The practitioner is then at an ideal distance from the face, body or breast of his patient for photographs that he can study with great professionalism.

An analysis of the skin before and after the treatments

This double pointing also has the advantage of efficiently comparing images taken at different times. The slightest variation in volume or the slightest detail of the skin can be studied. Thanks to this study of the skin by the software, the specialist can detect the finest wrinkles, pores or acne lesions in order to study the effects of injections or other treatments. These are then followed up more effectively and adapted to each skin type, wrinkles, pigmentary or vascular spots.